Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Destination Clubs failing? LUSSO and Yellowstone bankrupt -- Who is next?

The LUSSO Collection, one of the "destination clubs" that offers wealthy vacationers a choice of private homes around the world, has filed for bankruptcy in Minnesota, according to Halogen Guides. LUSSO has homes in 16 prestigious locations around the world, and will continue operating, according to a statement given to Halogen. But the chatter among owners in luxe land suggests everyone is wondering which club will be the next into bankruptcy court. Exclusive Resorts, the largest of the clubs, has apparently laid off staff. The Yellowstone Club, the private Montana ski resort that was a poster child for ultra-rich digs in flush times, and which grew into a network of 10 resorts worldwide, filed for bankruptcy in November, Other clubs are said to be raising their rates and fees. Stay tuned.

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