Monday, September 08, 2008

New Luxury Bus to Aspen and Snowmass: Green, Reliable

The Hamptons jitney in New York City has proven that high-end vacation home renters and owners will take a bus to their far Long Island destination rather than fight traffic. Now Aspen and Snowmass, coordinating with Gray Line, are out to see if the same type of clients will -- gasp! -- take a bus from Denver International Airport to those Colorado vacation home meccas rather than take chances with iffy weather and sometimes-cancelled air shuttle service to the Aspen airport. Starting Nov. 14, for just over $120, passengers will board a deluxe nonstop bus with video monitors, bottled water, snacks, and a bathroom for the four-hour ground transport trip.

"It carries about 65 people so it's greener," points out Mary Lee Harder of Gray Line. The bus will be part of vacation packages offered by the resort. It should be noted that there is already service offered by Colorado Mountain Express on eight-passsenger vans for about the same cost.

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