Friday, February 11, 2005

Jackson Hole Site for New Grad School?

The Wyoming House of Representatives has proposed a new graduate business school in Jackson Hole. It would be a branch of the University of Wyoiming.

Reason: it's a way "to tap into the expertise and pocketbooks of corporate leaders who vacation or own second homes in the scenic valley," says an AP report.

"The bill is relatively simple. The concept is relatively large," the sponsor, House Speaker Randall Luthi told the AP. "Teton County is the richest county in the United States. The financial capital is available."

Supporters said such a school could help keep more Wyoming students instate, attract more executives and businesses... and diversify the economy, according to the report.

Rep. Keith Gingery of Jackson said: "This is our opportunity to take advantage of the people moving into our town.... These are companies that you know. These are international figures that fly in. ... These folks write checks like you couldn't believe."


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