Friday, February 11, 2005

Mammoth Group Frets Over Growth

Not everyone wants their vacation town to become a magnet for others, says Advocates for Mammoth, a group of residents and homeowners who are concerned about "rampant" development (680 new units in 2005) in the central California ski village.

Growth "is taking place without any obvious analysis of future consequences. We believe that the Town of Mammoth Lakes is encouraging growth that cannot be sustained and real estate speculation that will overstress Town finances and infrastructure," the group told a local paper yesterday.

"Our concerns with the current speed of development are based on our detailed review and analysis of the data available from the Town of Mammoth Lakes and other agencies, combined with our personal observations .... These concerns include crowding, traffic and parking, available water, snow storage, loss of environment, low occupancy rates during most of the year, and planned recreation projects that will require annual public funding to maintain, such as the proposed ice skating rink.

"We are also concerned that the Town is granting zoning variances and density bonuses, above those required by the state, in their drive towards a destination resort of 60,000 plus peak population."


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