Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Exchanging a home away from home

I've had great success with home exchanges. A few years ago I swapped my Manhattan apartment for a house in Santa Fe for an entire month. Since New York is such an expensive place to visit, I felt comfortable asking for more than just an exchange house-- I got the exchanger to include his car. I paid him a small fee for the miles I put on it.

Bottom line: I made a new friend and was able to get away for nothing more than air fare.

It's a great way to test-drive a new community. Sound interesting? The article Home Exchanges - People Over 50 Avoid Hotel Expenses and Cut Travel Costs by Exchanging Homes with Other Senior Travelers tells you much of what you're probably about to ask on the subject.

Although the article is pitched to seniors, it's a good intro for any of you interested in temporarily changing your address without forking over a chunk of your IRA money.


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