Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Software to Manage Vacation Home Rentals

If you think your not handling tenants as well as you should, there's a new software package to help you. TenantWIZ promises to enable vacation homeowners, property managers, agents and rental businesses to easily and securely build a real-time property rental site, I learned of it from the networking site Mashable. "The software provides users with an extensive suite of Web-based tools for managing properties online anytime from anywhere. The application encompasses all aspects of vacation property rental and management including instant pricing and availability data, renter and owner account access, digital contracts with electronic signatures, online payments and unlocking the property remotely," say a review.

Upside: Sounds like a good way to get a handle on properties especially if you own or manage more than one.

Downside: Cost. TenantWIZ charges $69/month plus a one-time setup fee of $69. Although it says there are no hidden fees, clearly there are very visible ones.

Final thought: TenantWiz says: "Stop paying for booking fees just to use a reservation software." If you pay more than $70 a month for booking fees and want to give the software a go instead, this might be for you.

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