Thursday, May 11, 2006

We are Shocked, Shocked! By Your Affluence

What? You only have one "second" home? Tsk, tsk. The latest National Association of Realtors survey, released today, shows "an unexpectedly high number of vacation-home owners -- 21 % -- own two or more vacation homes. In addition, 34 percent of vacation-home owners report they own two or more investment properties."

And here are more statistics to knock your socks off: the typical vacation-home owner earned $120,600 last year. A huge 83 % of owners are married couples More than half of investment property owners -- 53 percent -- own two or more investment homes and 12 percent own two or more vacation homes.

Duh. Were you under the impression that those chalets in the mountains, cabins by the lake, or McMansions in the Hamptons were owned by food-stamp users?


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