Monday, February 06, 2006

"Where Dick Cheney Wets His Fly"

A deluxe condo hotel near Jackson Hole, Wyoming -- VP Dick Cheney's bunker site -- is cleverly offering guests an “Undisclosed Location” Package for summer guests.

A press release says guests "will arrive in Jackson Hole in vice presidential style – starting with a private motorcade in a well-appointed Suburban from the airport to their comfortable accommodations for three nights at Teton Mountain Lodge, located just CLASSIFIED miles from Cheney’s home....They’ll also get a round of golf on Cheney’s home course, located adjacent to the VP’s home on the links at CLASSIFIED INFORMATION.... as well as a private guided fly-fishing trip with Worldcast Anglers on the CENSORED section of the CLASSIFIED River, where Cheney frequently wets his fly when he’s in town."


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