Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Oregon at Epicenter of Second Home Growth

Second homes are big business these days in Bend, OR, and the town, both a winter ski favorite and a summer haven, is trying to keep growth in perspective.

Brian Shetterly, the city’s principal long-range planner,told an Oregon paper that "one-third of our current population did not live here even five years ago,” and he agrees that more folks are on their way.

Still, Bend is hard at work on figuring out the optimum areas where new homes can be built while preserving the town's lovely natural environment. “If we do it right, we’ll be able to accommodate" growth "without diminishing the unique character of this place that continues to attract so many people,” the Bend planner said. “It starts with an awareness that these trends exist, and an outlook that sees opportunity in them.”

Are you a part-time or full-time resident or real estate agent in Bend? I'd love to hear a first-hand report from you.


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